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now hiring food

Peachd aka Peach Delivery, fresh off an $8 million Series A funding round, reached out to Milli to turn up the heat on their entire digital marketing strategy.

Peach has had momentum since its initial founding as a lunch delivery model tailored towards the modern workforce with an emphasis on true convenience versus options. We partnered with them to develop and implement a 360 degree multi-faceted campaign that included storytelling, content strategy, influencer marketing and paid social. Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Linkinedin and Medium we began telling the story of Peach, the people it serves and the local restaurants it partners with, in compelling and visually striking ways. 

One of our most targeted campaigns involved messaging directly to professionals on Linkedin. When we began strategizing on how to communicate the benefits of Peachd to the buttoned-up social network, we realized quickly that conforming was entirely the wrong approach. Thus came the "Now Hiring Food" campaign - a disruptive messaging approach that utilized the humorous voice we'd been developing for Peach paired with a misleading use of Linkedin conventions. Our copy and creative captured the speak of start-ups and young technology companies through concerted job opening calls which wound up driving droves of clicks and registrations for the Peach service from the platform.